BEWARE of the company Cause for Paws

Cause for Paws is owned by OVMS Pty Ltd however OVMS Pty Ltd is now a liquidated company.

The company director is Mr Ron Baruch whom seems lovely and knowledgeable however is racist a scam artist.

Ron Baruch entered into a contract with a marketing company, ONTOP SEO Pty Ltd and owed approx $10,000 for marketing services however Mr Baruch refused to pay the money, made racial comments towards the Managing Director and left the agency with no other choice but to file in the Local Court. The agency won the matter and a judgement against Mr Ron Baruch was made with orders that he pays the sum of $10,167.00

The agency has still not been paid as Mr Baruch refuses to comply with the court order leaving the agency no choice but to have Mr Ron Baruch before the court for a summons hearing which Mr Ron Baruch failed to attend and now has a police warrant out for his arrest for failing to comply with the courts directions.

Mr Ron Baruch has made death threats verbally on the phone towards employees of the marketing agency whom he owes the money to as well.