BEWARE of the company Julie Warner Health

Julie Warner Health Pty Ltd is a company based at Level 5, 107 Walker St, North Sydney NSW 2060.

Julie Warner Health’s company directors are Julie-Ann Warner and Dennis Hampton Warner who reside at a property in Bowral – ROCK COTTAGE – 18 Mittagong Road BOWRAL NSW 2576.

Dennis Warner

Julie Warner

The company directors engaged a marketing company for services and signed a 12 month engagement. Julie Warner Health began to make excuses after achieving results from the services in an attempt to leave the contract early. This first nine (9) months of the service had multiple late payments and excuses provided by both Julie Warner.During the dealings with Julie Warner Health (JW Health), Emer O’Leary, Aideen Lydon, Eva Jones-Miloni and Linda Allatt were all acting agents of JW Health whom had dealings with the marketing agency. Julie-Anne Warner requested a meeting at the nine (9) month mark of the 12 months engagement and requested to change the targeted audience which the marketing company agreed to do at no extra charge for Julie. Julie agreed to make the next and final payment for the services totalling $6,300 + GST however payment was never made and excuses began to arise once again. The marketing agency was left with no alternative but to file a Statement of Claim in the local court of NSW against Julie Warner Health for unpaid money. A defence was filed on behalf of Julie Warner Health by Dennis Hampton Warner and a Cross Claim filed. The marketing agency had the cross claim dismissed and a judgement awarded by the court against Julie Warner Health for the total sum of $9,872.00. Julie Warner Health has stated they are bankrupt and in liquidation, the marketing company have received the below: The marketing agency have gone back and found that Julie Warner Health now operates under Julie Warner Medical. JW Health’s business owner, Julie-Anne Warner discovered this website on Thursday 19 September 2019 after a phone call was made to the number (02) 9957 1166 which is the number of the Google My Business listing for Julie Warner Health Group. After speaking to reception and mentioning that the current business website was not working and there was some interest in what listings of medical practices were available, the call was transferred to a manager who answered the phone as Linda Allatt. She was surprised that the website had issues and confirmed that she would look into it however was told that this other website existed and she started to become frustrated this website existed. Linda Allatt requested to have the email address of the caller so she could send an email with current available listings which Julie Warner Group had available. After the phone call was completed, within one (1) hour, the marketing company received an incoming call from Julie Warner herself who stated she was furious. Julie stated she was in her 70’s and her business had been in operation for over 20 years and that this website and review would ruin her. The director of the marketing agency advised to her that a debt was owed which she needed to pay and had been ordered by the courts. She then went on to say she had no money to pay the debt at all and begged to have this review removed. The marketing agencies director agreed to remove the listing provided a partial payment was made along with an assurance in writing of future payments. Julie Warner stated that she would have to speak to her liquidator and accountant about what payment can be made. The marketing agency brought to her attention he was aware she had another business in operation called Julie Warner Medical. Julie stated this was not her company but rather her husbands company, Dennis Warner. He then stated to Julie, the company is named after you and if its run and operated by your husband, he was the acting agent in the court battle between Julie Warner Health and the marketing agency so therefore his name business venture can pay the debt. JW Medical and JW health were both using the website which the marketing company had created for them therefore the companies had the same operation in place just a different name it seemed. Julie stated she would come back to the owner of the marketing agency later that afternoon however instead of a phone call back as discussed, he received an email on Friday 20 September 2019 stating that if the website was not taken down, Julie Warner would be seeking legal action (which is interesting as the day before she stated she had no money and legal action requires money?). See below the email from Julie Warner Health and the response from the marketing agency.
Further to this, a search of the business Julie Warner Medical confirms that Dennis Hampton Warner is the acting Director and Secretary of this business. Dennis is the husband of Julie Warner who too played an active role in the company Julie Warner Health’s business dealings and has created another company named after his wife.